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I’m Vanessa a.k.a. Aurora Muse (or A. Muse / A Crafty Muse). I enjoy getting my hands dirty doing fun, creative things for events and special occasions, including cakes, gifts, and just fun projects.
I often work with my husband who is the “engineer” of the couple (while I am the “brains/thinker”). Without him, I probably would never have a single straight line appear on my work unless purely by an accidental miracle. I call him the “Engineer” because he helps bring logic and structure when my plans begin to get a little crazy (sometimes my imagination and ambition can take over).

Together we make magic happen! And we love an artistic and creative challenge (even if he grunts a little at the beginning, picturing the big mess and work load ahead – but like many beauties in life, the outcome makes it worth it).
Here we will be showcasing our past work, current projects and take on any incoming challenges.

We also have a small selection of items including greeting cards in our cafepress store, be sure to check it out!

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